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Rent Check: $1,800 in West Hollywood

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Following this morning's post about West Hollywood's increasing rents/diminishing gayness, our Rent Check heads to the area. Just a reminder: you're not supposed to spend more than 20-25 percent of your gross monthly salary on your rent. (Hah!) After the jump, brief descriptions of each listing, all of which fall in the $1,800 range. Oh, and we'll take #4.

1. Two-bedroom at Ogden Drive and Santa Monica Blvd., near Whole Foods. "Living room/dining room come furnished....comes with one parking spot and the building has a laundry room."

2. One-bedroom at 924 Hancock Ave. "Classy! parking space...bamboo/walnut floors....lots of storage space."

3. One-bedroom at Crescent Heights and Santa Monica. "Stainless steel appliances...dishwasher...pool...two air conditioners...hardwood floors."

4. One-bedroom townhome. No clue where in West Holywood it is. "Very charming and romantic townhouse for lease in great area."