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Afternoon Thinkage: Changes in How to Help LA's Homeless

LA Homeless blogger John Joel Roberts takes a look at how L.A. homeless agencies, once lauded as heroes in the 80s, are no longer seen as such. "The subtle debate occurring in homeless policy and funding circles pits the "failures" of homeless services against the latest solution to homelessness-affordable housing. " Noting that everyday people are "more weary of the problem" of homelessness, he interestingly notes that the federal government is now the one leading the charge toward affordable housing solutions, and points to the leadership of Philip Mangano, of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness. Also noted: "In the past year, over a half a dozen directors of large homeless agencies in L.A. have left their posts."
· Have Homeless Shelters And Feeding Programs Failed Us? [LA Homeless Blog]