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CurbedWire: Linoleum City, Yamashiro and Renovations

NEW YORK/LA - A dedicated renovation enthusiast has started his own web log, the Renovation Voyeur, to capture images of people's renovation projects in progress. For the odd fellow who gets tingly looking at crown moldings, this may be for you. Via email: "I've put together a site that showcases the before and after pics of home renovations (with explanations). Right now it's mostly New York (that's where my friends live) but anyone from anywhere can submit their own renovations. There's also the ability to vote on the quality of the renovation." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD - Last week's coffee stained and ripped up issue of the LA Business Journal finally hit our desk after making the rounds of the higher-ups. Of note is an update on the Yamashiro/Magic Castle sale. As might be expected, developers are scared of the neighbors in the area. Via the LABJ: "Most of my clients who are existing developers in Hollywood are reluctant because it requires density to be put on that site to justify (the price)," said John Tronson [of Ramsey Shilling]. "Because of hillside construction, historic issues and ingress and egress, many of the larger developers are reluctant to try to get a project that controversial entitled." [LABJ]

HOLLYWOOD - Oh, Linoleum City. Your admirers are far and wide, and notable for their dislike of carpet. A reader emails some deets on the new Linoleum City shop set to replace the old, soon to be demolished storefront. "[The new LC] is going in at Santa Monica and Heliotrope. The last time I drove by the site, the building looked about 3/4 done. The funny thing is that this same weirdly shaped sign exists on Figueroa in Highland Park which makes me think that both were used for something other than Linoleum and or tacos at an early time. 'Olde Timey Carpet Emporium?' Who knows?" [CurbedWire Inbox]