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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Leo in Malibu, Neverland Ranch

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[Images via Radar Online]

1.) Radar Online gets inside Leo DiCaprio's Malibu two-bedroom, three-bath home (pictured above) that the actor purchased for $6.35 million back in January. Additional property owned by Leo includes a Hollywood Hills home and an island off Belize. [RadarOnline]

2.) Michael Jackson has defaulted on a $23 million loan that was guaranteed for his Santa Ynez Valley Neverland ranch. Real Estalker also reports that Jackson owns " a heavily mortgaged Jackson family house on Hayvenhurst in Encino," where his parents currently reside. [Fox News]

3.) Taking in taxes and fees, it turns out that Mel Gibson, who is busy building a church in Malibu, took a loss on his Broad Beach Road home--it sold it for $23 million. He purchased the home for $22.6 million in 2005. [Big Time Listings]

4.) Actress/ singer Lucy Lawless sold her two-story, five-bedroom house in Studio City; it had been on the market for $3.695 million. [Big Time Listings]