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On the Market: Prefab Silver Lake Twins

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NYC-based firm Resolution: 4 Architecture already has done a Venice prefab home, and now they're bringing their housing across town. Dubbed the Silver Lake Twins, the two homes, both of which are three-bedrooms, three-baths, are located at 3422 Fernwood Avenue (2,600 square feet) and 426 Fernwood Avenue ( 2,200 square feet) and priced at $349,000 and $337,000, respectively, although a disclaimer: price includes land only, with rights to contract with prefab companies Empyrean and Res:4 to finish the design/construct a Dwell home. (Info on Dwell homes can be found here.) The Value of Architecture has the listings, which should be hitting their web site in the next couple of days. More renderings after the jump and more info on Resolution: 4's web site. UPDATE: Listings for homes are here and here.