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Curbed LA PriceSpotter Big Reveal

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Thank you once again to those of you participating in this week's game. We gave you a property that sold, and you tried to give us what you thought it sold for. Now, the answer to last Friday's What About a Condo?

Sale Price: $400,000
Listing: We said this condo sold in June, but it actually sold May 30th. A similar unit, on the fourth floor sold in June for $405,000. We were looking for cheaters. Therefore, the second guesser is sort of right, but not really, and is possibly a cheater. The Pico-Robertson condo in all of its 768 square foot glory is described thusly: "30' BALCONY. LOTS OF CLOSET SPACE, CROWN MOLDINGS, 2 BATHROOMS & 2 PARKING SPACES." That about sums it up. White paint, wall-to-wall...

Congrats to guesser LA Runr who came deliciously close with a guess of $399,000. Guest commenter #9 was only $2,000 off. This week, the lot of you guessed an average of $58,275 above the actual asking price. The listing below is for a similar unit in the same building but they call it a penthouse.
· 1115 South Elm Drive #PH3, Los Angeles, CA 90035 [Trulia]