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Zoo Expansion Halted in Effort to Save the Elephants?

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Angelenos are perhaps the most, um, insane dedicated city when it comes to its animals. We save horses from Whole Foods. Give monkeys good chi. Root for the underdog under-alligator when he makes a break for freedom. Protect the pachyderms. So it comes as no surprise that the elephant exhibit and a $39 million planned expansion at the LA Zoo has come under legal attack. Actor Robert Culp and real estate agent Aaron Leider have filed a lawsuit to close the exhibit where Billy the elephant resides and stop the expansion. According to the lawsuit," for the past 33 years, 13 of the zoo's 31 elephants have died prematurely." Apparently for elephants, being shipped off to the LA Zoo is akin to getting a great gig as Spinal Tap's drummer. The city's attempts to dismiss the suit have been denied so the case will, uh, lumber on.
· Judge Refuses To Dismiss Elephant Abuse Suit []