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Desperate Sales Ploy Of the Day: Now in Hi Def!

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Better act fast on this one - time is running out. We were impressed by the Lofts @ Hollywood and Vine's offer to pay the HOA fees for the next four years for lofts sold before the end of the year. And as commenter timquinn points out, $1k HOA fees per month for four years on a $1 million loft is only about 2.4% of the overall cost. BFD, as the kids like to say.

Cash is always nice, but boys like shiny new toys. So the downtown Roosevelt Lofts is giving them what they want. From the building's latest dispatch:

Free 50" HDTV October Special. Receive one free 50" High Definition Flat Screen TV for your unit when escrow is opened during the month of Oct. 2007 at The Roosevelt, and contigent [sic] upon buyer's timely close of escrow as per their contract.Hmm, HOA fee reduction vs. 50" HDTV. More cash in our pockets versus the ability to watch Dancing With the Stars the way it was meant to be seen - in all its hi-def glory. This is a hard one. We're going to have to go with whoever has the deeper pool.