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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Projects in Start/Stall

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Lot's of questions this week. We answered 5 out of 7. That's passing right? Please feel free to email us at if you have updates, alternative answers, or questions for next week. We seriously appreciate your digital pictures.

[Vacant home in Runyon Canyon (former Japanese Consulate, possibly former home of Fatty Arbuckle, now with guard dogs)]

1) Koreatown: Commenter #24 points to the Gerding Edlen web site, which features renderings and info on the proposed LEED Gold certified mixed use project at the corner of Vermont and Wilshire, and adds this info: "The plan has since been modified such that the shorter tower is 11 stories and both towers contain more units."

2) Los Feliz: Via Commenter #18, we get this word about TaxiCab Park at the base of Los Feliz Village: "I think the corner of Vermont and Sunset/Prospect is a Hollywood CRA project. I know Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council was poking it a little, maybe they stabbed it by mistake." We dug around and found a rendering of the pocket park redo [large PDF file here] on the Los Feliz Improvement Association web site. Improvements were supposed to start in March.

3) Runyon Canyon: An informed commenter says that the old house in Runyon used to be the Japanese Consulate (with special Pearl Harbor tie-in). And regarding the dog(s) on-site.: "Bookie (the pit) and Pluto (the smaller dog) are their names, and several folks give them food and water throughout the day. Animal services were called several months ago and, after investigating, determined the dogs to be safe. The owner also stops by during the day to take care of them, and he also doesn't seem to mind that others are treating the dogs. They love beef-basted milk-bones and rawhide!!"

4) Marina del Rey: Commenter #25 (we can't tell if this was done with a straight face) types in, regarding the MDR project: "Marina will be mixed use. No drawings yet, but they will be coming up in the next 6 months. It will be a very nice center that will further solidify Marina Del Rey as a place to be." Commenter #14 also adds: "Management at the Courtyard [Hotel] said that a developer came in and bought up the property with plans of a mix used center but hit some road blocks. Also according to the hotel management, construction is years away."
5) Hollywood: No one knows anything about the former garden store at the northeast corner of Melrose and Orlando. And yes, we meant it is "east of La Cienega." Sorry.

6) Hollywood: No feedback on future plans for the Spotlight in Hollywood, however many readers shared their fondest memories of one of LA's most interesting gay bars.

7) Beverly Hills: TonySchmo saves us by answering question #7 regarding the Tower Beverly Hills. "I actually used to work at The Tower, ex. Loews Beverly Hills. Til it closed down on 10/1. They were to have a 40 million dollar renovation and reopen as a 5 star property. Well those plans died. I'm not entirely sure of the reason, but it had to do with losing the loan. It is now set to reopen VERY shortly. Like by 11/1."

more questions for next week please.