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Scrap or Serra? Hard to Tell from LACMA Webcam

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A reader with enough time on his hands to analyze grainy webcam photos from the LACMA construction site asks: "Is this a Richard Serra sculpture waiting to be installed at the new Broad Gallery at LACMA? Maybe you could provide details." We knew the Serra retrospective at the MOMA ended a month ago. And we knew LACMA had acquired a Serra earlier this year. So it stood to reason it was probably a Serra, not just a pile of scrap, although it was admittedly hard to tell the difference in the pic. So some further investigation was needed.

And here is what we learned. While it's not Band, the Serra LACMA acquired earlier this year with funds donated by the Broads, it is indeed a Serra.

Apparently it's a loan from MOMA called Sequence. The 12 unassembled pieces will eventually form a maze of two nested S shapes. The pieces arrived in LA yesterday, on 12 flatbed trucks.

Unfortunately, right now we'll have to settle for webcam photos for a glimpse of the piece. You can check out the fully assembled piece next year. The piece will debut on Feb 16 to coincide with the opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum - or BCAM for those to lazy to say the full name - part of LACMA's major expansion. If you feel like you simply can't wait to see the piece, we present this time-lapse video from MOMA of the installation for Serra's Torqued Ellipse IV.