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Green Is Good - For Lawyers

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By now, the aphorism that "green is good" is pretty much old hat. Yes, increasing resource efficiency and reducing building impacts on human health and the environment - all good things. Tell us something we don't know. Well, did you know the boom in green building has also been a boon to lawyers? According to Globe St.: Developers and property owners asking for green building practices also seem to expect they're going to get a little more for their money, "but sometimes what they envisioned doesn’t measure up to what they see, leading to claims filed against the project’s engineer or architect." Ah, those niggling heightened expectations.

[One] client cited a US Green Building Council (USGBC) study that promised healthier and more productive employees in a gold-certified building. “The tenant demanded a rent rebate and the owner sued the design firm for negligence for believing it would be a non-sick building,” said Corbett [president of Pasadena-based SmartRisk]. In another case, the client was a government contractor that required a top-secret security clearance for nuclear research. “The client requested a green building that included an extensive day-lighting system (with impressive skylights)” which negated the top-secret security needed at the site. Once completed, “the client sued the designer for negligence.”

Whoops! Despite mocking the green-engendered lawsuits, the article then outlines all the improvements in energy costs and employee productivity possible with green buildings. We can't imagine where those heightened expectations are coming from.
· Source: Green Is Good, But Risks Lurk [GlobeSt]