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The Unpossible Gorilla Revived? NFL to Dodger Stadium

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The last we heard from the NFL, they were saying sayonara to LA after turning down plans to relocate into a refurbished Coliseum. Now new rumours are swirling that the NFL is once again considering Chavez Ravine as a possible site for a new stadium. (Another less likely scenario would have the NFL locate to the City of Industry. That's just crazy talk). Via the SGV Tribune:

The NFL will be sending staffers to the Southland next month to examine possible sites outside of Anaheim and the Los Angeles Coliseum, according to an article in Tuesday's Los Angeles Times. The article mentioned Industry and Dodger Stadium's Chavez Ravine as two locations that are being considered. As those of you who have been following the NFL drama might recall, Frank McCourt's secret plans to lure the NFL to Chavez Ravine were outed back in 2005. He had originally hoped to partner with New Yorker Larry Silverstein to develop a two-stadium entertainment complex under the secret codename "Five-Ton Gorilla". Once his plans leaked, city officials went ape-shit, so to speak, and the plans supposedly died. But maybe they didn't actually die. Maybe this is all a giant ruse. Where's our tin hat?
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