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Curbed Drawing Contest: How Do Santa Ana Winds Work?

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[drawing from LA Times on how Santa Ana Winds start fires]

One of our brilliant readers pointed us to a series of drawings on the LA Times web site explaining what Santa Ana Winds are and how they start fires. He comments: "With all of the maps being created for the fires, and with the general trend toward more info graphics on Web sites, I thought you guys might like to see these "high-tech" renderings by the L.A. Times on how Santa Ana winds work: [link here opens in small window]. Either someone was on deadline, or just very, very lazy." Curbed editors all agreed between giggle fits that this reader was our jerkiest reader ever.

However, we were inspired to launch our own drawing contest for Curbed readers to show us how Santa Ana Winds work. That's right! We're inviting you to take time from your busy workday schedule to draw a picture (MS Paint is the likeliest tool available) of how the Santa Ana Winds work and how they start fires. We'll post the best pics tomorrow and let readers vote on which drawing/rendering/picture is best. Please email us at with your rendering saved as a BMP, JPG, or GIF file. Your reward is knowing you participated.