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Reader Rant: This Week's Expo Phase II Meeting

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A longtime Curbed reader forwards his thoughts on the recent meeting for the Expo Phase II. Sounds like everyone missed a good time. Here's his opinion: "Just want to share with you the insanity that was the Expo Phase II meeting last night in Santa Monica. Unlike the recent subway meetings--which were non-confrontational since everyone wants the subway--this meeting almost spiraled into a screaming match between four groups..."

"1) The people who want the train to follow the right of way that goes through Cheviot Hills, which would make the route the quickest from DTLA to SM.
2) The middle-aged Cheviot Hills NIMBYS who want the train to instead travel to Venice via Venice Blvd.
3) The ancient NIMBYS who want nothing done.
4) The people who are furious with the MTA because Phase I to Culver City is being built without grade separations, meaning people like the Dorsey High kids will be in danger because of the train.

In my opinion, the most sensible route is following the right of way straight to Santa Monica--where the jobs are. Some people seemed to get that. But there is a vocal group that wants it going to Venice, but MTA said ridership would be so low that the train line could not be justified. The NIMBYS are NIMBYS, but they are quite loud and aggressive. The people who want the grade separation have a point--Dorsey High kids will be running around train tracks--but they are so furious (screaming and interupting people) it became hard to sympathize. At one point, it seemed a physical fight came close to breaking out. MTA did a good job organizing the meeting and keeping everyone calm, but they let people speak TOO long..."