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Lessons in Creative Advertising: Realtorspeak Explained

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As far as we know, there isn't much "waterfront" to speak of in Nichols Canyon, but one realtor is taking some creative license with how exactly you define "water" and "front" for a $1 million house. Via our inbox:

My daily commute to work takes me through Nichols Canyon and for the past few weeks I have to chuckle when I drive by the listing that touts itself as being “waterfront.” As you can see in the attached photos the usage of the term is a bit creative. One would expect a waterfront property to back up to at least a small lake or other body of water. Instead they are referring to the flood control “stream” that empties into the Nichols Debris Basin and I am sure is host to a few mosquitoes. Thought you and the rest of your readers might get a kick out of an agents desperate ploy to get a property sold. And by the way how can you not trust the guy? He is talking on a cell phone in the image on his sign and must be so busy he could not even put the phone down to take a picture.

We're buying our waverunner now.