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Love Letter to LA: We Love You Despite Your Indifference

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A reader points us to BLDGBLOG's effusive love letter to Los Angeles. Why does he love LA? Simple - LA doesn't love us back. And that's just fine with us. It's a Didion-esque discourse on LA's bleakest, most alienating facets...and it's all good:

L.A. is the apocalypse: it's you and a bunch of parking lots. No one's going to save you; no one's looking out for you. It's the only city I know where that's the explicit premise of living there – that's the deal you make when you move to L.A.
The city, ironically, is emotionally authentic.
It says: no one loves you; you're the least important person in the room; get over it.

What matters is what you do there. An indifferent lover we only grow more fond of, the more they ignore us? Sadly, we're all too familiar with this pathology.
· Greater Los Angeles [BLDGBLOG]