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Storefronting: Shoes and Bikes and Flowers, Oh My!

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[Image of Derringer courtesy of Blackburn & Sweetzer]

BEVERLYGROVE - The Busiest Shopping Street In The World (ok, at least east of La Cienega and west of Fairfax) gets a little more retail-fabulous. Retabulous. Blackburn & Sweetzer takes a stroll down 3rd street and discovers plenty of activity. A slick new florist, Krislyn, looks almost ready to open. And is that an electronic bike we spy? Derringer is open now and selling "retro-styled" bikes. And future clothing boutique Romp has started interior construction on the space. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]

KOREATOWN - Driving down Vermont the other day, we noticed signage is up for the Nine West opening in the Wilshire Vermont station apartment complex. The shoe store joins other retail chains including a Coffee Bean, T-Mobile, Washington Mutual Bank, Wasabi, Great Steak, Surf City Squeeze Juice, and Game Stop, all coming or now open in the ground floor retail space.

SANTA MONICA - We're over our H&M obsession. We have a new European retailer moving into LA we can obsess over (although we won't summon H&M-level excitement until Japanese retailers discover LA. We're looking at you, Uniqlo). Spanish retailer MNG by Mango is moving into the Third Street Promenade and seems awfully close to an opening now that it's hiring this week. Zara better watch its back. That Mango will cut a bitch. [Craigslist]

CENTURY CITY - American Eagle Outfitter's "adult" offshoot, Martin + Osa, targeted at 25 and over opens its first LA location in Century City. Via the always reliable Wikipedia: "Storefronts will have wide entrances, but no windows. Rather than having windows to see inside, the exterior will be covered with wood and a strip of opaque blue glass. Inside the stores will have a natural materials theme, with plenty of wood and stone. Hidden machines spray two different mists that smell of freshly chopped wood." We don't know if that's still the plan for the LA store, but, mmm, artificial wood. [Craigslist]