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Architects Respond to Fire-Created Housing Needs

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With over 1,600 structures destroyed and 1 million people displaced, the architecture community is responding to the SoCal fires. Via archinect we learn the local San Diego chapter of Architecture for Humanity, Rebuild, is involved in response efforts. They have started a project on the Open Architecture Network and are calling for volunteers:

Also anyone in the San Diego region who wants to help the chapter is holding a meeting regarding long term response on Sunday, October 28th, 2007 @ 11:00 a.m.

Gelato Vera Cafe-Upstairs
3753 India Street
San Diego, CA If you have questions or want to RSVP please email or log on to the San Diego chapter site

Slightly closer to home, the AfH Los Angeles chapter has also been involved in response efforts, including efforts to find partnerships with suppliers like Home Depot and local builders. The LA chapter is also working with SCI-Arc "to organize a design charette with the community and emergency relief agencies to devise plans and strategies for future potential events of this scale. The products of the program will include – but are not limited to – temporary, city-sponsored temporary housing strategies, disaster response plan evaluation, discussions on how to enhance disaster response and empower those evacuated, etc."
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