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New 747 Area Code Irks Valley Residents

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Nothing like a potential area code change to get people up in arms: According to the Daily News, officials are now holding public hearings to introduce a new 747 area code within the 818 region, a process which is causing some sense of disorientation for residents. "I belong to the 818 community, if you will," John Zachman, a 35-year-old Glendale resident said at a Glendale City Hall meeting. "All my friends know me as the 818 community." What's being debated is splitting the region into two zones, 747 and 818 sections, or just handing out the less appealing 747 numbers to new phone users. Maps of what regions will be affected, as well as info on public hearings, can be viewed here. The 818 region will run out of available phone numbers by 2009, so there's some urgency to introduce new digits.
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