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Neutra's VDL Gets a Little TLC

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Image of garden by VDL Resident Director Sarah Lorenzen

A little good news to brighten your day, after what seemed like nothing but bad. Richard Neutra's VDL Research House II has a new resident director, and a bunch of (much needed) repairs in progress. From Cal Poly Professor Sarah Lorenzen's email:

Since [the summer] we've had another life-changing event- we've moved into the Neutra VDL Research II house in Silverlake, where I am the new resident director. The house belongs to Cal Poly Pomona (the university where I teach.) The house was designed by the great modern architect Richard Neutra in 1932, and served as his house and studio for most of his life. The house had two major renovations done to it - a garden house addition built in the late 30s, and a major remodel of the main house with son Dion in the mid 60s (after much of the house was destroyed by fire.)

The house is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. It is wonderful to experience how the house changes throughout the day, and to discover new views and special moments every time I walk through it. David and I are living in the back garden house, a lovely 2.5 bedroom built on one floor. We spent the last 5-weeks of summer making repairs to the garden house, including changing the floors, repairing walls, and repainting. Thankfully we have just about completed all the needed
repairs, and as of last Thursday we have officially moved in. We also have many plans for the main house, some focused on needed repairs and fund raising, and others regarding hosting dinners and cultural events at the house.

When we last visited the house about a year ago, we noticed some repairs were needed, so we're pleased to see the house is in good, AIA-approved hands.