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Development du Jour: Maltman Bungalows

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Location: 918 Maltman Avenue, Silver Lake
Size: 17 bungalows, 1 and 2 bedrooms
Prices: $499,000 and up (5 have sold)
Architect/Developer: Drisko Studio/ Civic Enterprise Development
Lowdown: Failing to get into the French Chateau over the weekend (we heard they opened it up on Saturday, if you went let us know -ed.), we stopped by the Maltman Bungalows in Silver Lake instead. The project by Civic Enterprise transformed 17 previously attached rental units into detached single family homes, creating the city's first small lot subdivision project to come to market. The units were built in 1926, so they were built small because people were smaller and had less stuff. Each unit is outfitted with enviro-friendly lights and original wood flooring, plus new tile and original 1926 detailing restored to original condition. The garages are small... real small, so if you lack depth perception like us, be careful. The units line a private street which actually forces the community vibe upon you, which is nice. It's a good thing. Occupancy is expected sometime in November.
· Maltman Bungalows [Official Site]