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Rumblings & Bumblings: Watery Eyed & Hacking Edition

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We have an overabundance of questions this week. We're stopping at seven, so please don't yell at us. We'll try and hit your question this week in one-offs. Please feel free to email us at if you have answers or comments. We would also really appreciate digital pictures.

[The Rodeo Cocktail/Soccer Bar, formerly at the corner of Vermont and Wilshire]

1) Koreatown: Too easy. "What is going on at the southeast corner of Wilshire/Vermont? A leasing agent from On the Line told me it would be mixed use with retail and apartments. He also claimed it would have a movie theater. Where are the renderings?"

2) Los Feliz: What we like to refer to as taxicab park generates a question. "I am actually kinda rumblin' mad over this. What in the Sam hill happened
to the triangle at Hollywood/Vermont/Prospect in Los Feliz? I thought that was supposed to be completely redesigned and remade by the end of October? I could have sworn I read that on Curbed months ago. But that intersection is just as icky as always."

3) Runyon Canyon: "I was hiking Runyon Canyon yesterday and on the walk back to my car I passed a large Old Hollywood style mansion in what looked like an abandoned state; missing lots of windows, doors, no grass, etc. I stopped to take a look at it when a lone dog came a bit down the driveway and stared at me. The sign on the driveway gate read "Beware of dogs", but the house looks empty (and creepy, I might add). Any of the readers who live in the Runyon 'hood know what's up with that house? Is someone looking after that animal? Just wanted to know before I call the LAAS myself."

4) Marina del Rey: Don't we all wish for a CarusoTown in our neighborhood? "Any word on what is going on with the recently vacated retail (which I believe is part of the Villa Marina Marketplace) at the corner of Lincoln, between the Marina Expressway and Maxella? Callenders, Carl's Jr., FedEx Kinkos, Tower Records, Chan Darette have all been vacated and it seems like there are designs to raze them for something new. More Marina "lofts" with 8' ceilings? Another CarusoTown?"

5) Hollywood: This is on the nice part of Melrose, just west of La Cienega. "Anyone know what's going up at the northeast corner of Melrose and Orlando? Used to be a garden store but that has come down in the last few days and the plywood has gone up."

6) Hollywood: The Spotlight on Cahuenga (described here by LosAnjealous) may be in peril. "I heard from a friend that the Don the owner of The Spotlight on Cahuenga has sold the place. Wouldn't surprise me b/c he's older and he's earned a well deserved well paid retirement. But it would be a shame to see another great vintage place go away just for the sake of bring more B&T (bridge and tunnel) into the already crowded Cahuenga Corridor. Know anything?"

7) Beverly Hills: A question for the travelling class. "What's going on with the hotel formerly known as the Loews Beverly Hills, and most recently known as the Tower Beverly Hills? It looks like it is in the process of closing down: a few lights on in rooms, but no cars in the driveway/parking lot, no taxicabs outside anymore, security guard wandering around out front."