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CurbedWire: Green Home, Market Lofts, Eastern Columbia

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VENICE: A proud reader writes in: "I started a blog about building our new house - a green house - in Venice.....David Thompson of Assembledge is the architect. We're looking to break ground at the beginning of the year. The house is 4 bed, 3 bath, on Angelus Place." (Rendering seen to right.) Not knowing anything about this house, we just hope it isn't another one of those insane ones that costs so much to build.

DOWNTOWN: A sign is out for Market Lofts' Pastagina, just one of the main retailers helping pad out the bottom of the residential building. A refresher on all the stores: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Quiznos Sub, the UPS Store, Robeks Juice, Cold Stone Creamery and Pastagina. Anyone got time to start a Downtown Unchained? [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Writes a reader: "Nosey-parkering through the Coldwell Banker site, I noticed that over half of the listings for Broadway in downtown are for the much ballyhooed Eastern Columbia." Hmmm. What gives? Are people not filling up that pretty building? [Curbed InBox]