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LAPD Targets Downtown Art Walkers

Oh, LAPD. Downtown gives up a park and a gallery so you can have a new Tutor-Saliba built headquarters and massive parking garage, and what do they get in return? Undercover jerkos targeting wine sippers on an art walk. Via a post on the newdowntown listserv:

I watched in disgust as undercover LAPD entrapped people holding a cup of wine in front of galleries during artwalk. Having a glass of wine and going from gallery to gallery has been the way for years and now like mercenaries on a bug hunt these guys infiltrate and sting. If they want to enforce something on the books that hasn't been enforced for this scene before then they should walk through the crowd IN UNIFORM and tell people to go inside or they'll be ticketed. That would be the fair way to change the situation.

They're going to kill the goose before the city gets its golden egg. If I were a developer I'd be getting very nervous about how I was going to fill the glut of over priced soft lofts that are supposed to feed the new entertainment district downtown. If anybody is considering buying into these places because they think there's a new burgeoning scene of fun developing, they might want to think again. These lap dogs chasing somebody with a cup of wine and a stick of brie (was it aged or fermented) should think about the bigger picture.

It's their method that should be questioned. The city should cancel all those tickets given and apologize for these over zealous tactics.

Anybody else?

Maybe LAPD should go after public drunkeness versus casual wine sippers on an art walk, but that's just our uninformed opinion.