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And Here Cometh the mini Wal Mart

Attention SoCal shoppers. Just as Tesco's Fresh & Easy readies to turn our world upside down and make us fall in love with shopping for peanut butter all over again, Wal-Mart is planning its own mini-takeover of Southern California. The Financial Times reports that Wal Mart will open two scaled down 42,000 square foot "neighborhood markets" in the Coachella Valley. More ominously, Wal Mart may take the Tesco route as it tries to bypass local opposition by opening smaller (10,000 sq. ft) markets. Via

Wal-Mart is also currently exploring additional new formats, reportedly including a smaller local convenience market. It has also recently registered new trademarks including “City Thyme” and “Field and Vine” to cover unspecified “retail grocery store services”. Don't worry readers, we have no intention of doing a Wal-Mart watch. Even we're not that sick.
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