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The Catch: Low Priced Loft Living Downtown

The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline here.

What/Where: Short-term shared loft in Santee Court in the Schmata Fashion District for $650
Looks Good, Right?: Plenty of amenities, including "24hr gym, rooftop BBQ, pool, bb court and hot tub, nice artist community." Centrally located "close to Fidm, usc, cal state LA, flower mart, santee alley, Calmart, moca and financial district, in the fashion district above RITEAID and Subway. there is a new farmers market right downstair." Oh, and the price can't be beat. Right? Right?....
The Catch: Well, it's a loft. So that $650 bucks per month (plus $50 for parking and $15 for wireless access) means you're not getting an actual room. As the Craigslist poster admits "this is a loft. there is no 'ROOMS'. there is a space with bed, its like a room but more open." Oh, and you better not be a morning person. "dont wake up or go to sleep early." And one last catch. Our man is a medical marijuana user. So if you're ok with a semi-baked night owl in open plan living who may or may not totally bogart your Entenmann's as your roommate, this could be the place for you.
$650 Loft in DOWNTOWN LA [Craigslist]