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Rumblings & Bumblings: EarthFood

This week we feature three questions. They are abso-tut-ingly real and submitted by real life people who need to know stuff. If you have an answer to one of these exciting questions please email us at or leave a message in our comment system. Adieu!

[renderings of Movietown project, Hollywood via VTBS Architects with poorly named EarthFood store]

1) Hollywood: Sunset & Vine offers yet another mystery. "What's up with that Farmer's Kitchen place on the bottom of the Sunset/Vine condos? (It's actually on Selma.) It looks like it has something to do with the Hollywood Farmer's Market, but the sign's been up there forever, and nothin'... Restaurant? Store? Tease?"

2) West Adams/Mid-City: Frequent commenter Pete has a few empty lot questions. "There are two vacant lots on Washington Boulevard in West Adams/Mid-City that piqued my curiosity today. One is at Norton Avenue and the other is at La Brea. Any stories on either of those? "

3) Hollywood: We probably know about this, but we're not sure. We forget things easily. A reader queries Movietown. "So I am looking up the architects that designed the BLVD 6200 project in Hollywood, their name in short is VTBS. Online they have a mixed-use project called Movietown and renderings, looks to be located in Hollywood as well. Have you heard about this?"