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Hammer Time: Quality Mass Housing Debated

Some reviews trickling in from last night's Ray Kappe/Shigeru Ban talk about architecture and more at the Hammer Museum. Writes LA Frog: "Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the evening was Kappe's take on sustainable, affordable housing. He deplored that, though his original goal when experimenting with prefab was to provide quality mass housing, the (political) interest wasn't there at the time, and he ended up doing mostly custom houses.." Things have changed since: "sustainable" has become fashionable -- much to Kappe's and Ban's pioneer irritation. " Fashionable and in some cases, quite expensive, we'll add. Down in comments, another reader had a less thrilling time, and remarks dryly: :"But you know, it was an architecture lecture - we aren't talking about edge of your seat entertainment."