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Afternoon Thinkage: Mayor's Support of Affordable Housing

While the Mayor's demand for more affordable housing earned a PM linkage on Wednesday, a reader would like more attention paid to the issue, and in fact, has done a tidy summary: "After being mysteriously silent on the issue when it was hot during his campaign in first year in office, the Mayor came out strong in support of the concept of "inclusionary zoning" for Los Angeles at Wednesday's UCLA Housing Conference," he writes. More of the reader's recap after the jump. Also, here's how the Homeless Blog is reacting, and how Citywatch LA feels about proposal.

"The proposal, used successfully by hundreds of communities in the US, would require all new residential projects with more than a few units (details to be worked out) to include a percent of affordable units right there in the same market rate building. Not only would thousands of new affordable units be created without public cost, these units would be located in job-rich and healthy neighborhoods where affordable housing is being lost quickest. The idea was pushed strongly by Councilmembers Reyes and Garcetti 2 years ago, but opposition from the developer community and Councilman Parks (primarily) scuttled the proposal. This should bring new life to something that could really begin to chart a path forward for many of LAs biggest problems."