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StoreFronting: A+R, Tesco, and Clean Cars

VENICE: Signage was up last weekend on Abott Kinney for A +R, a store that looks like it sells design-orientated home furnishings/knick-knacky items. Press reports tell us A+R, which also has a store at 1716 Silver Lake Boulevard, was founded by Andy Griffith, a former film editor, and Rose Apodaca, the former L.A. bureau chief of WWD. [Curbed Inbox]

GLASSELL PARK: People want to work, apparently, and thank goodness for foreign companies who will hire them: Tesco has received nearly 1,000 applications for the 170 jobs created by the six Southern California stores opening on Nov. 8th. [BizJournals]

SILVER LAKE: Dirty hipsters, dirty cars: A Curbed mole brings news of a car wash being added to the gas station at the corner of Fletcher and Glendale, right across from the Astro Restaurant. Previously, we reported that Chab, a lighting store, had gone in on that corner. How everything is going to cram in there is beyond us. [Curbed Inbox]