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Slots Available at Eco-Friendly Village

Reducing carbon footprints, communal living, inexpensive homes--all good. But where does this man propose to put this green Smurf Village? Is it LA? Because we're not hip to moving to Costa Rica. Excerpt: "....Does living in a small community village interest you? How about an eco-cottage? I am in the process of forming an interest list of people who are interested in purchasing a small home, probably clustered in small villages, that will be perfect for one person or a tiny family. I suspect the price of each home will be in the 290,000.00 - 345,000.00 price range....each home will be around 500 SQ ft or less...How about clotheslines, small raised vegetable gardens, compost pile, bamboo foliage, outside shower with reclaimed water...I am currently working on a rendition and hope to get people together in the next 30 - 90 days to discuss in depth."
· 1br - Small Energy Efficient Cottages Interest List Forming/Eco Cottages [Craigslist]