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See Where Sci-Arc Students Will Someday Sip and Study

Heavily hyphenated Hollywood design firm P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S is building a 800 sq ft cafe inside downtown's Southern California Institute of Architecture on 3rd St. From Curbed LA's i-n-b-o-x: "The project is still under development and we are set to complete the Cafe by May 2008. Ground has not broken yet on the new project but it will soon." Till then, word is, the punctuation-light Metropole Cafe will run a temporary coffee bar there. UPDATE: The people at Sci-Art straighten us out: "The SCI-Arc Cafe and SCI-Arc lounge are about 800 sq feet. The cafe and lounge are two separate but related entities, with the cafe below and the lounge above. The cafe, which is a coffee bar (not a bar bar) is slated to open in December of this year, while the lounge will open in May '08. Cafe Metropol is providing the food service for the space and will be running the coffee bar."