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Reduce Parking: Will That Encourage Mass Transit?

Yesterday councilman Jack Weiss rejected a proposal that would see developers reducing parking spaces at new condo/apartment buildings, stating Los Angeles isn't Manhattan or San Francisco--and the proposal--which was meant to encourage tenants to use mass transit, for example--wouldn't work. Via Kerry Cavanaugh's Daily News story: "Just passing a new law like this will not make all the cars in the city go away, poof, like that," Weiss said. Building underground parking costs about $25,000 per space and nixing the number of spaces could bring down the price of units, argued those in support of the proposal. Meanwhile, one illustration of how mass transit isn't utilized, at least by residents of one building: Councilman Tom LaBonge recently attended the opening of a 138-unit building next to the Universal City Red Line station. While the building is almost entirely leased, "when LaBonge asked how many people took transit to work, only one tenant raised her hand."
· Weiss leads opposition to cutting apartment parking spaces [Daily News]