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CurbedWire: Larchmont, 360 South Bay and Valencia

LARCHMONT: A reader wants to know what's going on with those new live/work lofts on Larchmont (seen in photo.) "It looks like it's two different buildings, one is further up the street than the other. Anyone visited them? Are they nice?" [Curbed InBox]

EL SEGUNDO: A detailed dispatch from the grand opening of 360 Southbay: "Pros: Very handsome modern loft and condos and townhouses. Spacious, Lots of Room. Nice landscaping, old trees from the AirForce Base. Like a mini Playa Vista without the tax. Cons: Right next to railroad tracks and the 405-- You could smell the nearby refineries and hear the zoom from the 405--about $150k - $200 too high from my perspective. $689k for 2 bedroom condo. Models have view of pool, yet phase one would have either a zero lot line view or street. Also, is Hawthorne imposing a special tax assessment?" [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: A reader is really wound up and bothered by the Valencia billboard up in the city. "I saw a billboard advertising Valencia on Beverly. Are they trying to recruit people out of Los Angeles? The billboard shows a guy on a mountain bike in the country." [Curbed Inbox]