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Got Guns? Get Evicted, Per New Legislation

Gov. Arnie Schwarzenegger has been signing a flurry of legislation lately, including an anti-gang measure essentially allowing the eviction of tenants who illegally possess weapons or ammunition. Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, Oakland and Sacramento will test out the new legislation, which is similar to a drug offense law allowing evictions, for two years. Jose Rodriguez, who owns eight buildings on Rialto's East Jackson Street, says his likes the legislation "because he doesn't want people violating gun laws in his units. "You have to get rid of them," he tells the Daily Bulletin. From the story, it seems police usually contact the landlord after an incident involving an illegally-owned gun; plus, criminal tenants often break the law at home--domestics?--so this all works out in a tidy fashion for everyone. Except the gun owner.
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