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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Manson Bails on Chatsworth

1) Marilyn Manson has listed his one-story Mediterranean-style Chatsworth home (images above) for $1.1 million. There's a pool, covered barbecue, recording studio, and what looks to be Manson's left-behind, gothic-looking furniture. Also, he will apparently lose money on the sale: Property records show the singer purchased the house in 2003 for $1.270 million, notes Real Estalker. The whole house can be seen here. [LA Times]

2) More on pervy director Vincent Gallo and his two Biscuit Company Lofts units in downtown: As Big Time Listings reminds us, the actor paid $1.645 million and $508,500 for two separate loft units in the building last spring: one of the units is residential unit; the other unit is for his office. [Big Time Listings]

3) Nicole Richie has listed her two-bedroom condo in the Empire West building in West Hollywood for $2.3 million. Real Estalker doesn't much care for the WASPy-looking, flowery decor and questions why a supposed trend-setter wouldn't have more contemporary style: "Nicole, hunny, you are too young to be living up in an old lady's residence like this." We agree. See all the images here. [Real Estalker]