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Griffith Park Hills are Alive with Green Stuff

[Griffith Park, Oct. 14, 2007, photo from Flickr user eternaltedium]

An observant reader wants to know: "Have you seen the green stuff growing in hills in the park? It's in patches all over, in the area that was burned by the fire. I can see it when I get on the 5 North from Los Feliz Blvd." ABC7 reports that Griffith Park is getting $2 million and 500 acres worth of hydromulch. Explains Mike Shull, LA Recreation & Parks: "Essentially it puts a blanket over the soil and essentially what it does is it holds the sediment in place instead of washing it down off the hillsides... It will help keep some of those native seeds that were probably still buried there that probably still survived the fire, and help them germinate when we do get some rain."
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