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AAA Adds Five to Beloved SoCal Structures

Stymied by America's inability to list more than 11 beloved structures in Southern California for an AIA poll this year, AAA's Westway magazine gathered a panel of experts to dream up five more. Eat that, New York!

February 2007 - AIA/Harris Interactive Poll

Hotel Del Coronado
Hearst Residence
Crystal Cathedral
Gamble House
Union Station
Hollywood Bowl
Getty Museum
Disney Concert Hall
Los Angeles Central Library
Barnsdall House/ Hollyhock House
Stahl House/Case Study House #22

October 2007 - AAA/Westways Panel:

Bradbury Building
LAX Theme Building
Eames House/Case Study House #8
Mission San Juan Capistrano
Watts Towers (the towers of Simon Rodia)