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CurbedWire: Media Rooms, Madrone, Manhattan Beach

REDONDO BEACH: Points for trying, real estate agent, but that's a media room circa 1981. "Beautiful 4 bedroom townhome with new paint thruout and brand new maple hardwood floors....Do you want to watch tv? Just go downstairs to the garage level and enjoy your media room! Or maybe it's the kids playroom?!" List price: $824,900 [Redfin]

HOLLYWOOD: The sales office for Madrone is open! emails an excited reader. Yes, sales are on--prices range from the $500,000s-over $1 million, according to the web site. PS. Considered yourself warned about the French music on the site. UPDATE: Nous sommes désolé! It's Pink Martini, some kind of hip music. [Curbed InBox]

MANHATTAN BEACH: "I was getting my haircut at Tonsorial Parlor at 3213 Highland Ave last Saturday when the former owner of the building who just sold it told be that Pinkberry is interested in moving into the building, even though the parking in the area is HORRIFIC. I think it would be kind of a bizarre location, seeing it's not in the heart of downtown MB on Manhattan Beach Blvd. Also, they are opening a Pinkberry not too far away at El Segundo Plaza." [Curbed InBox]