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Regent Square Bondage Parlor Preferred Over Strip Club

Locals who live around Regent Square, a pocket near Venice Boulevard and Robertson, aren't pleased about a proposed strip club (it'd go right next to the planned Culver City station of the Expo Line). Among their concerns: increased traffic, bigger demand for parking, seedy clients coming to the hood, and the club's proximity to Hamilton High School. Meanwhile, a bondage club, Dominion, on Venice Boulevard, has been operating for years--but been smart enough to keep a low profile and be "so quiet we didn't even know they were there," says Rev. Howard Dotson in the Times. But now that they're under scrutiny, too, the bondage club has been carefully editing the services offered on their web site; at this point, the only activity offered at the club is wrestling, for $200 for a half hour. UPDATE: The web mistress at Dominion assures us that all services are still available; see comments below.
· Strip Club is planned for near bondage parlor [LA Times]