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Pico-Robertson Gets First Ever Kosher Subway

Armed with a video camera, the Jewish Journal's Jay Firestone takes a visit to the West Coast's first kosher Subway, which recently opened on Pico Boulevard. Sure, it's a typical Subway, but it also "includes a few distinctive Jewish selections, like corned beef, pastrami and shawarma," plus, "Kehilla Kosher supervision and a sink for hand washing." Going kosher costs more: " a foot-long kosher cold-cut combo goes for $9.19, while its treif counterpart runs $5.09 locally," but the restaurant is a much-needed venue in the neighborhood, according to store owner Jonathan Sedaghat. "We realized that the Jewish community was really restricted by where they could eat, especially in this area," he tells the paper. What chain is going to go kosher next? (Photo via JJ)
· Subway takes a ride through kashrut [Jewish Journal]