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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: AA and Pico

Thank you for the impressive number of informative comments this week. Some of you people are very, very smart and probably attractive too, but we can't see you. Please feel free to email us at if you have a question for next week. Remember to send us a digital picture of what you're talking about if you can. It helps us help you.

[elevation of the Pico Gateway project from Plus Architects]

1) Tarzana: We spoke with an actual Tarzanan in the know who tells us that the Whole Foods is planned for Phase II of the Tarzana Village Walk (a 200,000 square foot, mixed-use project at Ventura Blvd and Yolanda Ave). They are still adding shops and housing, however you can sleep well at night knowing your pricey organic vegetables are just around the corner.

2) Downtown: Good news. All commenters agree, American Apparel is staying put and that the for lease signs have been up for a long, long time. Via commenter Mike D.: "regarding american apparel, when i was there most of their manufacturing took place in the easternmost building, they used the middle building for warehousing, and as far as i know have never been in the westernmost building. it's been for lease for years. i don't think they're moving anytime soon."

3) Pico-Robertson: Very cool. Commenter Anonymous, our favorite commenter, emails details about the project west of La Cienega on Pico. "A mixed-used commercial-residential building which will be 6 stories tall with 3 levels of underground parking and 36 apartments is being proposed for the corner of Pico and Corning (one blocked west of Pico/La Cienega). The community and business owners are concerned about parking, traffic, noise and a less livable neighborhood." We found the above elevation on the City's web site.

4) Fairfax/Bev Hills Adjacent The consensus is that Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn did not make enough revenue at the Beverly Center, hence their departure. Furthermore, the Bev Center is not owned by Cedars Sinai. Commenter Richard Elbaum says: "I work at Cedars-Sinai and can tell you for a fact that Cedars-Sinai does not own the Beverly Center."

Questions are now being accepted for next week