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EaterTastings: Casa Bianca, Craft and Pulled Pork at Boulevard

The latest dish on the city's restaurants and bars from our sister blog Eater LA. Image from Javazetti, Flickr.

1.) RIP a pizza patriarch: Sam Martorana, owner of Casa Bianca, an Eagle Rock institution, died earlier this week. In 1981, Jonathan Gold wrote this in the LA Times: "But of all the neighborhood pizza parlors out there, each of them touted as the best in the Southland, one of them actually has to be the best...I'm pretty sure that the Casa Bianca Pizza Pie is the one."
2.) After being knocked by LA mag, Tom Colicchio's Craft is redeemed by the LAT, via three stars and a description that gets us excited: "Colicchio's food is not intellectual -- and that's a compliment. It's lustful, mature cooking from a chef who doesn't have to show off."
3.) The 411 on Weho's new Boulevard Lounge: $9 hot dog, pulled pork, barbecue, and special brunch items, all served from one of the best-looking porches around. Just don't try to call: "'s come as you are, seat yourself (unless it's really busy, then a hostess helps), but no reservations accepted."