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NBC Relocation. Good or Bad?

The relocation of NBC from Burbank to the parking lot across from Universal is already dividing officials. As expected, Marsha Ramos, mayor of Burbank, is disappointed that her city will lose the facility and its tax revenue. Wendy Greuel (CD2) is excited. Tom LaBonge (CD4) is cautious. Zev Yaroslavsky, as short sighted as ever, stomps his foot and plays the traffic card.

"It's too big," said County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, who is also a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. "This project has a long way to go. This is their opening salvo, but it's not a fait accompli as far as I'm concerned. Traffic and the scale of the project are going to be my concerns." Never mind that the project will be built atop a Red Line station. Arghh. The tough part is still to come---when developers begin working with the community, most of whom are against development of the site, as discussed previously.
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