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Who'll Be Playing At Downtown's Nokia Theater

Getting inside the new 7,100-seat Nokia Theatre, the Daily News' Fred Shuster offers some details on the LA Live venue, including who's booked (Eagles, Queens of the Stone Age, "So You Think You Can Dance" road show and a Chinese New Year event), size ("the farthest seat is 210 feet from the stage"), and seat prices ($40-$265, so far). More facts: there are sky boxes, the stage is 180 by 80 feet and has a catwalk system, and all four floors have bars and food offerings. (To get a better feel of the across-the-board-acts coming to play at the theater, check out the whole schedule of upcoming events including Aretha Franklin, George Lopez, and Neil Young.) Whether the Nokia will steal business from the Wiltern, and Gibson--likely!--is also debated in the News story, while the usual comparison of LA Live to NY's Times Square is made (shudder).
· Nokia Theatre raises the bar for L.A. concert scene [Daily News]