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Movietown's WeHo Proposal Gets Public Vetting

It seems just like yesterday we were rumbling and bumbling about the Movietown project in West Hollywood. Actually, it was just last week. However, this week the WeHo News has a story about the luxury project's big redo and subsequent unveiling before throngs of interested WeHoans. Some were impressed. Some were not.

“This is a huge step in the right direction after that concrete ten story gulag they presented last year,” [Rob Bergstein of the Project Area Committee] said.

Others at the presentation saw too much, they said. They complained of too much mass, too much traffic descending on their streets, too much gentrification and too many people moving in. Casden Properties, the developer of the Movietown project, say that their new plans have answered a lot of the height/density concerns of neighbors and that should they be approved the project will generate oodles and oodles of tax dollars to fund even more housing - but for poor people!
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