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CurbedWire: Thoughts on NBC and Emoticons

HOLLYWOOD - A reader gets notice that Archstone-Smith (recently purchased) is taking over an entire block in Hollywood. He uses the happy face emoticon. Via email: "It's the entire block at Santa Monica, Orange Dr. on the west, Mansfield on the east and Lexington on the north... They want to build 348 apartments, 40,654 sf of creative office space, 7,825 sf of ground floor restaurant uses and 7,276 sf of ground floor retail. Total size is 427,803 sf. And one of the proposed restaurants will have a full bar (woohoo!). :-)" [CurbedWire Inbox]

UNIVERSAL CITY - The NBC relocation atop a Red Line station has inspired several of you to wax poetic about the realization of the LA subway as a viable system. "Would it make sense for either Google or Yahoo to have a presence there rather than in Santa Monica... Also a good time to rethink about the extensions of the Red Line subway north, as well as the Purple Line to Santa Monica to allow the suits on the west side an opportunity to get to the offices in Universal. Now LA is starting to understand how [transit oriented developments] can really be beneficial." [CurbedWire Inbox]

PASADENA - Junior storefronter, Benjamin of Pasadena, emails that home furnishings store Room Service may be vacating its storefront. He uses an unhappy face emoticon. "...saw a for lease sign right on the front door of Room Service in Pasadena (fair oaks and green st.) I think they are going to be going out of biz :( " [CurbedWire Inbox]