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ConstructionWatch: Americana at Brand

Curbed reader crimsongraycoug has uploaded a buttload of pictures showing the current state of Americana at Brand construction in Glendale to his flickr page. Many of the buildings appear to be topped out at 4 or 5 stories while a few are still yet to be completed. CGC also passes on some info from his site visit:

While I was at the site, a security guard gave me some inside scoop with the development.
1. Rite Aid will be relocating from there "small" location on Brand to the Americana.
2. Condos are being priced as follows:
1 Bedroom - Low $400's
2 Bedrooms - Low $600's

Construction is on schedule and slated to open in April 2008. A few more pics and renderings after the jump, or you can visit the flickr page for all construction photos.