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Rainy Days and Mondays and Demolitions

Bad news for fans of 70's easy listening superstars The Carpenters. The Lotta Living forum reports that the Downey home of the sister-brother team may soon fall to the wrecking ball - or whatever they use for single family homes. Via poster Chrisgreen, the sad state of affairs is revealed:

"Many people equate Downey with the Carpenters. Their music continues to sell hundreds of thousands of units each year, and come holiday time, is an annual radio staple... According to information sent to me by Downey City Councilmember Kirk Cartozian, an application for demolition has been received for the "addition" to the property at 9828 Newville Avenue. (The house consists of two connected structures--the "addition" and the main house.) According to a reliable source, another application will be filed to demolish the main house sometime after the addition is torn down.

The home has the recognition of appearing on the cover of the Carpenter's Now and Then album, which featured such classics as The End of the World, and Fun, Fun, Fun. It was also picked apart at a garage sale back in June. You can see pictures from an attendee here.
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