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Downtown's Nightlife Scene: Worse Than Hollywood?

Fearful that downtown's nightlife scene will be permanently taken over by douchebags, one reader writes in:

"I moved downtown from Brentwood two years ago in part because I wanted to get away from the lame young Hollywood scene prevalent on the Westside. After giving both Elevate & J lounge a couple tries, I must admit that I am sadly disappointed. These clubs think they're Le Deux, Winston's, and even Teddy's all rolled into one. The weird thing is they offer none of the eye-candy or "bragging rights" that these places do in compensation for their horrible service & experience. The sentiment seems to be the same around town, and a quick Yelp search will tell you the same. I came here expecting a bit more refinement, was I expecting too much? Is downtown destined to become West LA's not-so-cool little brother, always trying just a little to hard but coming up short?"